Requirements to Practice Law

US Lawyer Requirements to Practice Law

Before someone can become a lawyer in the United States, they will have to be admitted to the bar. Each state, in the United States of America, has a responsibility of providing permission for a lawyer to practice law in that particular state. Every state and territory under the jurisdiction of the United States will have its set of rules for bar admission. Once you are admitted to a particular state bar, then you will be a member of that bar.

A lawyer must have a Juris Doctor degree from an approved law school and then pass a specific state bar exam. There will also be a background check and a fitness and character evaluation. It should be noted however that there has been the occasional exemption to these requirements. Some lawyers find it frustrating to find out that even though they are permitted to practice law in one state, it does not guarantee that they are permitted to practice law in all states. If a lawyer wants to practice law in more than one state then he will have to write another full bar exam in the state of his choosing.

The MBE, multistate bar examination, is a standardized test that has 200 questions that are multiple-choice. These multiple-choice questions will cover seven primary areas of law. The areas of law include Contracts, Constitutional Law, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Torts, and Real Property. Anyone who decides to take this examination will have an afternoon and morning session. Each session will be three hours long, and they will have to answer 100 of the 200 questions.

The majority of lawyers will only obtain bar admission in the state that they wish to practice their law. They do have an opportunity to practice the occasional out of state legal matter however using the pro hac vice admissions. There are lawyers who work in metro areas that connect to multiple states, such as New York City and Washington, who can practice in these states by taking more than one bar exam. Also, lawyers who practice in rural areas near a state border may seek multiple bar admissions so as to increase their client base.

Any attorney who wants to practice before the US Supreme Court must make an application to do so. He will also be required to be a member of the bar of the state’s highest court and have sponsorship by two lawyers who have already been admitted to the Supreme Court bar.

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