Improve Your Online Presence and Get Noticed

Being an entrepreneur means you have to wear a lot of hats and one of those hats is marketing.  Marketing today means having a strong online presence, no matter what your business is chances are that many of your customers will find you on the web.  Consumers know their way around the web and when they are looking for something they know where to find it.  For a business owner this means putting your best digital face forward and making a customer feel comfortable in choosing you.

Improving Your Online Presence and Get Noticed

Your online presence is more than just your website it is all your interactions online and off.  This means you need to not only market your business but guard your online reputation zealously.  You just cannot get away with not paying attention to your brand.  Here are some ways to improve your online presence.

Start with your website

First things first, start with have a website that is both mobile responsive and easy to navigate.  It also needs to include as much information about your company and what you do as possible.  You should also install security features to make sure that your customer’s information is taken care of and kept secure.  If you’re going to be selling products on your website via a shopping cart, make sure to get a good ecommerce platform like eComchain. Keep your site content fresh and up to date, it reflects that you are paying attention to your business and you’re on top of things.

Become the go to expert in your field

Doing things like “how to” advice, publishing blog posts or in some trade journals is more effective than direct, in your face advertising.  You customers want value so it is in your best interest to give it to them.  This doesn’t mean giving away all your trade secrets but it does mean offering help.  Use the work history and credentials that you have already established and then take them a step further.  The more you publish the better it establishes your authority.

Develop a video channel

YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world, so you can’t afford to ignore it.  People also go there when they want to learn something, it is in your best interest to give it to them.  Create some videos about your company or the services you provide, how to information that’s your customer’s want.  Videos are far more likely to be shared than other type of media.  Here is a video showing you the types of videos you can create.

Customer Interaction

Every time you create a blog post, a social media post or publish an article you need to leave ways for your customers to get in touch with you.  Reply to questions or comments and get back to them as quickly as possible.  Your customers need to feel that they are valued and it will help your reputation stay positive.

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